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Handling the influx of kids’ artwork

In the U.S., the beginning of the school year is just around the corner. For many parents, that means an influx of artwork from their young artistes. It can be challenging to figure out what to keep and how to keep it. Here are some things to keep in mind: The fewer items you keep, […]

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Finishing up your summertime to-do list

If you’re like a lot of people, you had big plans at the beginning of summer for getting things done around the house. We’re staring down the end of summer…how’s that list progressing? If you find you haven’t checked off as many items as you’d like, don’t lose hope. Here are some ideas for getting […]

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An Organizer Makes Over Her Desk Space

This is a guest post written by Professional Organizer Lea Schneider from Pensacola FL and owner of “How long did it take you to get it like this?” That’s a conversation a professional organizer has nearly daily with the folks she organizes. But sometimes, they don’t have the conversation with themselves. One day, as […]

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Five strategies for avoid overpacking

With the checked baggage fees imposed by most airlines (particularly if your bag is over the weight limit!) it pays to pack light. Here are some strategies to keep from packing more than you need. Plan what you’ll wear. Get away from the idea that you’ll want to be able to indulge your every sartorial […]

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Decks and patios: Less is more!

When it comes to organizing items on your deck and patio, remember that for aesthetic and safety reasons, less is more. Most people enjoy relaxing on their decks and patios. Any excess you have cluttering up your outdoor space will likely detract from that enjoyment. If you keep your deck and patio surfaces clutter-free, the […]

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Barbados vacation spot

Planning a great summer vacation

As the weather gets warmer, it’s time to start thinking about what kind of getaway you might take this summer. Everyone’s idea of a great vacation is different, but there are a few principles you might keep in mind to help make your vacation a success. Plan ahead. If there’s time, start the planning process […]

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Cleaning supply caddy

Organize those cleaning supplies!

It’s spring cleaning time for many of us. If you have an overabundance of supplies spread around your house, consider these ideas for organizing and simplifying. Gather up your supplies. Bring together all your cleaning supplies from their various storage spots and take stock. Pluck out the ones you rarely use. (I think we all […]

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Decluttered desk

Three tricks for easy decluttering

If you want to get some spring cleaning done, often the first step is letting go of excess. Cleaning is much easier when there’s no clutter to work around! Here are three things to keep in mind to make decluttering and purging easier: 1. Stay honest. While decluttering, ask yourself the following questions when trying […]

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Parking Between the Lines

This is a guest post written by Professional Organizer Lea Schneider from Pensacola FL and owner of It started with a simple comment. Considering that most garages do indeed have parking spaces, that comment didn’t quite make sense to me. Of course, cluttered garages don’t have any parking space much less “spaces.” This comment […]

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Four tips to help you get any organizing project done

Feeling baffled about how to organize something? Feeling too overwhelmed to begin? Keep these four tips in mind and you’ll have the job done in no time. Store like things together. It’s much better to have your adhesive bandages all together in a first aid bin than scattered over the house, right? This is true […]

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Why hire a professional organizer?

Getting and staying organized is one of those things that many people feel they should be able to do on their own, without professional assistance. But for many people, that’s much easier said than done. For those folks, hiring a professional organizer can transform their lives. Here are just a few of the ways that […]

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Organizing Baking Supplies and Snacks

This post was written by Rubbermaid employee Katie Abbott. It was time to switch it up – as in, a cabinet switch.  The cabinet above our fridge houses what I like to call our “odds and ends”: mixing bowls, rarely-used martini glasses, and little dishes I put out for snacks when our friends come over.  […]

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How to Organize Bags in your Closet So They are Easy to Find

This post is written by Rubbermaid employee Pam Scovill I get bags everywhere I go…sometimes for free at 5K runs and sometimes I purchase them (a girl can never have enough bags?!).  I’m sure this “bag issue” pertains to a lot of folks out there. Most of us don’t even know where half of these […]

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An old-house kitchen cabinet keeps everything organized

My favorite spaces in my old home

One of the areas in my home that I love is the bathroom closet. My home was built in 1908, at a time when closets didn’t seem to be much of a priority. But each of our bathrooms has a fairly large closet, which we use to store towels, toiletries, and cleaning supplies. One of […]

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How to organize and display a jewelry collection (and make it look pretty!)

This post is written by Rubbermaid employee Gretchen Walsh I belong to the “out of sight, out of mind” club – I love my space to look de-cluttered (who doesn’t?)…but if something’s hidden away, it may as well not even exist. This is a problem for someone who’s also an active member of the “I […]

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Donating specialty items

I always encourage people not to get to wrapped up in finding the perfect place to donate their items. I see that kind of perfectionism  standing in the way of people getting unwanted items out of their home. That said, I know it’s really a great feeling when you find the just right place to […]

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Organizing Scarves Doesn’t Need to be a Pain in the Neck

This is a guest post written by Professional Organizer Lea Schneider from Pensacola FL and owner of Some of the smallest organizing issues can really tie us up in knots. Take scarves for example. A great way to create new outfits out of your tired wardrobe is to accessorize with a scarf. Beautiful scarves […]

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Setting up An Office to Also Function as a Guest Room

Most home offices these days also need to function as an entirely separate space—housed all within one room. I always suggest folks make a list of what they envision for the space; accounting for your specific needs. Make sure to anticipate the needs of your guests as well. After assessing what the requirements for the […]

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How to Organize Your Books

This post is written by certified professional organizer Tiffany Engler. The other day a client asked me, “What’s the hardest thing for people to let go of?” I immediately responded with “books!”  It’s true.  Books are by far the hardest things to eliminate from our homes.  I know this is something that is hard for […]

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Organizing winter scarves, hats, and mittens

Here in Missouri, it’s starting to feel like autumn. After a blistering hot summer, it actually feels like gloves, hats and scarves may some day be worn again. I’m a knitter and one of the occupational hazards of being a knitter is that you tend to have a whole lot of handknit scarves, hats and […]

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Mud Room Organization

Creating an organized mud room is just as much about maintenance as it is about containerizing. If you don’t have family plan mapped out on how to keep this space tidy on an ongoing basis, your organizing success will ultimately derail. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can keep this room organized […]

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Drinking More Water Made Easy

Do you have visions of being healthy and drinking the recommended amount of water per day, but always seem to be chugging water at bed time (and getting up in the middle of the night to use the restroom)? Good news! My co-worker Gretchen found a great way to motivate yourself to drink more water […]

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Organizing Before and After Vacations

This post is written by certified professional organizer Tiffany Engler. What happened to vacations? I remember back to my school days when I would count down the minutes to the annual 4th of July family vacation. I would pack a bag or two – with my mom’s help – and then jump in the van. […]

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Toys, Bows and Legos – Oh My! Kid Organizing Tips

I recently asked our fans on Facebook (you should become a fan too!) what areas of the home they find difficult to organize. I was not surprised to see toys, kid’s rooms, playrooms and kids’ hair accessories mentioned. It is a common frustration that we hear. So I asked some of the Moms and Dads […]

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Quick, Easy Laundry Room Transformation

This is a guest post written by Rubbermaid’s Rose Cohen who works in our marketing department. I have a very small laundry closet that has become very cluttered. I have had some ideas on how I wanted to free up space, easily access the items I frequently used and have a home for items so […]

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We are What We Live In: Get Organized, Get Happy!

This post is written by Chicago Professional Organizer Pooja Gugnani, founder and owner of Organizing With You. While it may not be a formal medical diagnosis, it is a well-accepted fact that there is a direct correlation between organization and our mental well being.  How much effect does clutter have on our lives? The answer […]

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How to Say NO in a YES Society

This post is written by Certified Professional Organizer® and Certified Organizer Coach®, Tiffany Engler. We often associate the word clutter with stuff, but I’d bet most of us would agree that we clutter up our days (our time) pretty good too. One reason, maybe for all this type of clutter is because we are afraid […]

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Solution Hidden in the Clutter

This is a guest post written by Professional Organizer Lea Schneider from Pensacola FL and owner of Sometimes, there is a plan before you touch the clutter. And sometimes, you simply have to dig in and touch the clutter to come up with a plan. If you don’t know what all is there, you […]

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Mary’s Room Organization Makeover

Being organized gives you time and space to do things you love and help people who are less fortunate. This was the premise behind the Give the of Organization contest we held this year. We ask YOU to nominate people or organizations who give back to the community. In return, Rubbermaid would give them some […]

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Resolution Check-In: How Are Your Goals Coming Along?

Every January, many of us make resolutions. We make a plan to create positive changes in our lives. Unfortunately, by the time March rolls around, those goals are usually forgotten or given up on. But, why wait until January to resolve to doing things differently? Consider doing a midyear check-in instead. This is a great […]

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Food storage containers with lids on

Keep your lids on! Storing your food storage containers

One of the smartest organizational changes I made in my pantry was to start storing my food-storage containers with the lids on the containers. It wasn’t my idea. In fact, I resisted it when my friend, a fellow professional organizer with whom I occasionally swap services, suggested it. I was sure I it would take […]

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Organizing Small Closets in Dorm Rooms

It is that time again – Back to Campus!! Colleges and Universities are cleaning out the dorm rooms to welcome back students while students are, once again, wondering how all their items are going to fit in a teeny, tiny dorm room. We decided to hijack April’s dorm room (daughter of one of our employees) […]

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First aid bin

Six steps to an organized bathroom

Our bathrooms typically contain a large quantity of small items and it’s pretty easy for chaos to reign. But with fairly little effort, you can create and maintain an organized bathroom that’s a pleasure to use (and to look at). Here are six steps to get you there: Start with a purge. Most bathrooms have […]

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Mary’s Room Before

Last Tuesday, the team and I made it to Mary’s Room to complete the makeover they won (see the post here for details). Good news: The room that we were installing closet systems and garage organization systems to help organize was clear and clean. Mary’s Room had received a separate grant to update and add […]

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Getting Your Travel Supplies Under Control

Even though we’re already in the thick of travel season, there’s still time to get this category under control. And if you’re anything like me, you want the packing process to go as smooth as possible without worrying, “what am I forgetting to pack?” By creating a go-to spot for all things travel, you’ll be […]

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Organizing Non-Profit Mary’s Room

If you remember waaay back to January (wow this year has flown!), we launched the Give the Gift of Organization contest asking you to nominate a person or group who is making a difference in their community. Well, a non-profit called Mary’s Room (see the entry here) won. Over the past few months the Rubbermaid […]

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Basement Final

8 Things to do Right Away for an Organized Basement

This post is written by certified professional organizer Tiffany Engler. Put a box (or 2) in the basement that say’s “Donate.”  And everyday put at least 5 things in those boxes.  If you have stuff on the floor – focus on the floor first, shelves second. Find another 5 things each week that someone else […]

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Sail Boat

Organization Leads to Smooth Sailing

This is a guest post written by Professional Organizer Lea Schneider from Pensacola FL and owner of Summertime on the boat may be a time to relax but you never want to relax about safety. I’ve been organizing for nearly ten years but only sailing for a year or so. Certification lessons at the […]

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5 Reasons We Clutter & Solutions To Stay Ahead of the Clutter Curve

This post is written by certified professional organizer Tiffany Engler. What is clutter? What causes clutter? And how can we solve the most common clutter culprits? In this month’s blog posting, I will share with you the five most common clutter causes, examples of each and simple solutions. #1 Clutter Cause: No ‘home’ Examples: Your […]

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Bento Brainstorming On The Move Container

Office Supplies On The Move

A couple weeks ago, while I was drowning in email, I hear an excited “Erin!” I look up to see an ecstatic, proud Joyce. “I have to show you something,” she said while setting a container down on my desk. I sighed internally. Seriously, she had a box… But then she took off the top… […]

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5 Ways to Make Garage Organization F-U-N!

The garage often gets overlooked when it comes to getting organized (mainly because no one spends time in this room) but it’s need for operating efficiently is paramount. It’s also the dirtiest part of the house and things tend to pile up here so it’s super important to make this organizing project fun. That way […]

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Use Bento for Gifts

Here at the office there have been a lot of babies being born and people getting married. A group of us was chatting during one of these celebrations and of course unique gifts became on of the topics of conversations. My co-worker Claire had the brilliant idea below using Bento: “I have been using Bento […]

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Keeping Pieces Together Part of Organizing Puzzle

This is a guest post written by Professional Organizer Lea Schneider from Pensacola FL and owner of There’s got to be a billion dollars’ worth of business done by people just trying to find and buy a piece or part of something. It’s super frustrating to have a blender without a lid or a […]

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2 Simple Ways to Find Your Everyday Things

We all know what it’s like to go hunting for something we use often. You’d think that it would be easy to find those things since we need them all the time, right? Do you suffer from the daily side effects of “Where the heck is my ___________?!” syndrome? Well, suffer no more! The two […]

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6 Things To Include in a ‘No Fuss’ Entry

Not every entryway is created equal—leaving us homeowners and renters left to decide how to make this small space functional. When we moved into our apartment, there was barely an entryway to speak of. The front door literally opens to the living room. But I love a challenge and made the most of our ‘faux […]

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Make it easy to put stuff away

If you’re a naturally messy person like me, creating organization for items you use every day can be tricky. I enjoy the visual peace created by putting everything away, but when I know I’m just going to get it out again soon, that can feel like wasted effort. Over the years, I’ve developed some ways […]

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Question Mark

Keep or Not Keep: 4 Tips to Making Good Decisions

This is a guest post written by Certified Professional Organizer Tiffany Engler. Have you ever tried to buy a pair of black shoes? I decided I needed a new pair because my current pair found its way into my puppyʼs mouth. So on a whim one day after work I went to the mall. Two […]

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How to Use and Reuse…

This is a guest post written by Professional Organizer Lea Schneider from Pensacola FL and owner of Hunting for a photo for a scrapbook page, I stumbled upon this cute picture. Of course, the baby is cute (she’s mine so I am prejudiced) but what really caught my eye was the container the tub […]

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Fridge Needing a Makeover

4 Steps to an Organized Fridge

This post is written by certified professional organizer Tiffany Engler. Is your refridgerator looking a little scary? Spending time on organizing your fridge may save you money. You will be less likely to buy something you already have andyou may go out to eat less because you can actually find something to eat. Here is […]

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5 Things You Can Purge From Your Home… Right Now

Even though I’ve never been to your home, I bet there are 5 categories of belongings that you could purge right now. And while I usually promote taking the time to organize an entire zone, cabinet or drawer, it’s always helpful to start small and maintain your collections of things. Purging these items can also […]

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Janine's office after 30 minutes of cleaning

Letting housecleaning be easy

I’m not ashamed to admit that I hate cleaning house. As a naturally messy person, I have a fairly high tolerance for disorder and so sometimes I let things get pretty bad before I clean. And then the whole time I’m cleaning I beat myself up about letting it get so bad and the whole […]

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What’s Your Clean Cycle?

Did you know that I love to clean?  It’s one of the ways I like to de-stress and let go of all the stuff that bottles up inside of me. I like some chores more than others, like vacuuming. Dusting, not so much. And, there’s nothing like a pretty, shiny, clean sink. Who’s with me? […]

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Color Coordinated T-Shirts

5 Steps to An Organized Closet

One of my favorite jobs as a Professional Organizer is getting a call from a client to organize a closet. Whether it’s the entryway, clothes or office storage closet, it’s super rewarding and often-times, a one day job. And when a client sees quick results, they are often inspired to keep it up and it […]

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Empty dishwasher

The power of the morning routine

I love routines because they make tasks automatic. The more I can do automatically, without thinking, each morning, the more smoothly the day goes. The benefits are clear for the few habits I’ve strung together in my morning routine: I floss daily without even thinking about it and my dental check ups are a dream […]

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Five quick organizing projects

The autumn weather may have moved you indoors, so perhaps you have time for some quick organizing projects that will make your home a bit more pleasant. None of these should take much time, but they could have a big impact! Declutter your keys. Take a few minutes and figure out which locks any unmarked […]

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Declutter your front closet

The beginning of winter is a great time to declutter the closet where you keep your clothes and winter gear. You can make the project easy by breaking it down into steps. Work on coats first. If you can, empty the closet and take a look at each coat. Have any been outgrown? Are there […]

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Give clutter-free gifts this season

Gifts hold a lot of power over the gift recipient. As a professional organizer, I see how hard it is for my clients to give up items they don’t use or love if they were a gift. That’s why I always recommend that people give gifts that won’t become clutter. Rather than giving objects to […]

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Organize your gift wrap

Making your gifts beautiful can be a fun part of gift-giving. There are so many beautiful gift wraps, bags and ribbons available that it’s easy to buy a lot. And then storing them can get tricky. The large rolls of wrap, in particular, can be easily damaged and take up a lot of space. There […]

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How do we store tools and bulky outdoor gear we use approx 2x per month? We have a narrow, deep closet.

When you’re storing supplies that you need to use fairly often, having easy access to them will be essential. Since your shelves are deep, you’ll probably need to store the container with your most used items toward the front of your shelf. You can use sturdy, plastic containers (remember to add labels!) to store your […]

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My de-junked and organized junk drawer

De-junk your junk drawer!

Personally, I don’t have anything against junk drawers. In my mind, it’s okay to have a drawer whose contents don’t fit into a clear category, as long as you know what you’re storing in it and can easily access the stuff. However, if you never de-junk your junk drawer, it’s hard to know what you’re […]

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My very small kitchen needs help with recycling

Small spaces can sometimes be a challenge, but fortunately, there are things you can do to make these areas function the way you want  them to. One way to get the best use out of a small area is to use vertical space (stacking, adding hooks/shelves to walls and the  inside or backs of doors). That […]

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How do you store all of your odd shaped bakeware pans?

Since the holidays will be here before you know it, it’s always a great time to take stock of your baking tools and organize the lot. Baking pans are especially tricky because even though they’re light, they are not friendly stackers. Fortunately, there are so many ways to organize this delightful kitchen category. 1. Installing […]

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What is the best way to organize good china and silverware as well as paper supplies for formal dinners and casual parties?

There are a few ways you can keep both your special and casual dinnerware organized. You may want to keep paper plates and plastic utensils out of sight. The key will be to make sure that they are easily accessible when you need them. You can keep paper plates and utensils in zip top bags […]

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