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A saving grace at snacktime

Okay, I thought two children were hard to handle. Imagine
65! When I dropped my kids off at daycare yesterday, I hung around a little
longer than usual. It was total chaos. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a wonderful,
warm place. My guilt at having to work rather than hang out with them every day
is somewhat lessened (a little anyway) by seeing how much fun they have there. But I don’t know how Rachel, the general manager, and her 14 staff members make
it through the day. There were children everywhere, constantly asking for
things. (Except the ones that were frantically coloring. Shouldn’t arts and
crafts be a leisurely task?) Snack time was a major ordeal, because everyone
wanted something different. But Rachel just calmly consulted her stacks of
containers. She’d labeled them all with a DYMO
label maker
, so things were easier to find. (I’m taking that idea home to
our own pantry.) She even had a little pile of extra containers stacked
together in the corner, in case parents drop off any new food with their kids.
And they were Easy Find Lid containers! When I asked her about
them she confessed that she couldn’t handle losing any more lids in the vortex
of toys and art supplies.

(While we were admiring the way the lids snap to the bottom
of the containers, some kids took notice and turned the whole thing into a
game! As far as I could tell, the contest was all about who could snap the lids
on fastest. I didn’t bother pointing out that some of the lids fit more than
one size of container. It just didn’t seem important…)


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