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Super-mom to the rescue

Hello. I’m Sean, an online editor for Rubbermaid and the
father of a little boy and a littler girl. I’m going to be blogging over the
next few months about how real people are using Rubbermaid products at home and
at work to get themselves organized. I’ll also point you toward some great
articles we have on our site and introduce you to new products. I used to be
organized, before a diaper bag and multiple toy cars became part of my every
ensemble. But I’m determined to become one of those dads who have it all figured

my quest to get my act together again, I looked to my friend and neighborhood
super-mom, Maria. She’s incredible! She always shows up for potlucks with
homemade stuff rather than something she just grabbed from the sale rack at the
grocery store, and her house never looks like a pint-sized tornado has swept
through. (I bet you know a Maria. Everyone knows a Maria! She’d be easy to hate
if she wasn’t so nice.) Our Maria is a stay-at-home mom with a sweet
three-year-old daughter (Who, of course, never seems to use her sleeve as a
napkin/tissue/toilet paper!) and she has more food storage containers than
anyone I’ve ever met. She uses the little ones to portion out snacks for her
daughter. (Healthy cubes of cheese or animal crackers. Mental note to self –
marshmallows probably shouldn’t be snacks.) She says the bigger ones are for
leftovers, but when I was there she was pre-chopping stuff for that night’s
dinner and using containers to store it.

wife and I are completely inspired by her, but she did manage to show one tiny
weakness. She admitted that despite all of her millions of containers (I saw
the drawer and it was a little crazy), she no longer had the matching lids for
at least half of them. Aha! So I introduced her to this.
And, as a thank you, she sent me away with some homemade lasagna. Seriously!

I venture into my children’s daycare to find out how they use food storage


for tips on how to include kids in the kitchen.

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  1. Lucy April 18, 2008 at 4:38 pm #

    The amazing thing is that most people I have come in contact with have the same cluttered drawer or cabinet problem! This is not a new problem – but Rubbermaid has finally provided a sensible solution!

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