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Tip No. 10 through 16 of 1001 – The Basement

As promised, below are a few additional tips from the Rubbermaid 1001 Solutions for Better Living brochure.

Tip No. 10 – Large plastic toys and furniture are a smart choice for basement play areas as they are easy to keep clean.

Tip No. 11 – If you keep canned goods in the basement, invest in a label maker and label the cans as you store them. This will aid in the future when you’re trying to determine how long it’s been in the basement.

Tip No. 12 – Store things in tight-sealing plastic containers to ward off dampness.

Tip No. 13 – Clean floors and washable surfaces with disinfectant to discourage mold and mildew.

Tip No. 14 – Use leftover foam packing wrap to cover windows for extra insulation.

Tip No. 15 – Add a shelf liner or contact paper to shelves for extra protection against spills and mess.

Tip No. 16 – Hang baskets from beams rather than having them occupy valuable storage shelf space.

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