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Tip No. 24 through 32 of 1001 – Travel Tips with Kids

Tip No. 24 – Carry damp washclothes in a sealed Takealongs food storage container for quick wipes.

Tip No. 25 – Investing in portable audio players or game systems for kids can help keep things quiet on long trips. Store audio and gaming gear in a small portable totes.

Tip No. 26 – Fill Litterless juice boxes or beverage bottles with favorite drinks and freeze. Drinks will stay cold for hours, and will help keep the cooler chilled.

Tip No. 27 – Magnetized, miniature board games help pass time. Pack a few and store in a small clear tote.

Tip No. 28 – Pack fresh fruits, crunchy veggies and trail mix in Takealong food storage containers for healthy eating and fewer stops.

Tip No. 29 – Off to the beach? Use a wheeled cooler to bring food and beverages to your soft sandy location.

Tip No. 30 – Create travel games. List on separate sheets of paper (then duplicate for future trips) the names of states, cars, animals, structures (barns, water towers, etc.) and other subjects and have kids check off as many as they can spot. My personal favorite is going through the alphabet and naming cartoon characters who name starts with the letter.

Tip No. 31 – Let kids create favorite snacks before you leave and pack their own food storage containers.


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