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Sleeping bag storage

Sleepingbag_1Since I’m planning on camping this weekend (11/15/08) I thought this would be a good post to bring back up to the front. Hope you enjoy. – Jim

Are you a camper, backpacker or outdoors type person? If so, you probably own one or more sleeping bags.

Did you know you’re supposed to store your sleeping bag loose and uncompressed? The reason for this is so the insulation doesn’t get ‘stuck’ in it’s compressed state.  For insulation to be effective it needs to be light and airy.

An issue with storing a sleeping bag uncompressed is that it’s often difficult to find an easy way or good place to store it.  Problem solved.  I’ve recently begun storing my sleeping bags (all 4 of them) in Roughneck totes.  I’m able to store two 20 degree bags in each of my totes.

Storing them loosely in these storage bins allows for the insulation to ‘fluff’ back to it’s original shape and keeps the bags away from moisture, bugs and other pesky critters.  Sleepingbag_2_3

Once the bags are stored inside the containers I’m then able to stack and organize them neatly in my attic. Another thing I like about storing my sleeping bags inside of totes is
that I’m using a grey color exclusively for my camping gear.  This way
I know immediately which totes I need to access.  Holiday items are
brown, camping is grey, memories and blue, etc.

Most importantly… I know they’ll be in great shape the next time I need to pull them out.

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