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Sunday morning espresso

Espresso_3For me, a typical Sunday morning starts off with a wonderful espresso.  I’d love to say that I grind the beans fresh each time but that’s not the case anymore.  I typically grind a cup or two of beans at a time. This will last a few weeks before I have to pull out the grinder and grind fresh.

When I first started making espressos at home I was torn between grinding fresh each time or grinding enough for a couple weeks.  At first I pulled out the grinder each time but found that it was inconvenient and wasteful.  I was guaranteed to grind too much and ended up tossing the remainder.

The solution… grind enough for a few weeks and store in a container.  But which container?  I didn’t want to use my nice Premier containers just to store coffee and I didn’t have any extra storage canisters.  I finally decided upon using a round Takealongs container. It was the perfect size to hold enough coffee for a few weeks and I could store my measuring spoon inside too. Problem solved.

If you’re a coffee fan like me and are looking for a great way to store small amounts of ground coffee, this is a great solution.  If you have any additional suggestions for how to store coffee or how you use your Takealong containers we’d love to hear them.  Click on the comments link below and submit your ideas.

Enjoy. I’m going to make another espresso.


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