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Tip No. 33 through 50 of 1001 – Smart Travel

Tip No. 33 – In the Winter, travel with at least one bag of sand and a small shovel in the trunk; store sand in an 8-gallon Action Packer container to prevent spills.

Tip No. 34 – Keep a small de-icing spray in purse or briefcase to loosen frozen locks.

Tip No. 35 – Tools will stay clean and protected in a tool box or plastic Roughneck Tote; a pair of work gloves will be handy for tire changes or quick repairs.

Tip No. 36 – Line the trunk floor with a non-slip liner to keep things from sliding around.

Tip No. 37 – Laminate important road maps to protect from weather and rips. Trace your route with a dry erasable marker which you can wipe off after the trip.  Or… just use a GPS 🙂  Remember these where written in 1997.  See post #1.

Tip No. 38 – Store a variety of sizes of plastic bags in the trunk for emergencies; use to cover the ground during tire changes, as a rain poncho, picnic "cloth" or trash bag.

Tip No. 39 – Make your own bumper sticker with contact paper.

Tip No. 40 – For cleanups when traveling, pack a car vac, and keep paper towels handy on a portable paper towel holder.

Tip No. 41 – Use a scrub mitt for cleaning tires and wheels.

Tip No. 42 – Keep pen, notebook and clipboard handy to jot down phone numbers, directions and "to do" lists.

Tip No. 43 – Keep a small envelope in the car for gas, oil and repair receipts.

Tip No. 44 – Keep CDs, cell phone chargers and other electronic/music items in order by storing them in a small plastic tote.

Tip No. 45 – Non-abrasive scrubber sponges are great for clearing windshields of insects.

Tip No. 46 – Before a winter storm, cover your windshield with a Rubbermaid bathmat. Later, simply lift the mat to clear the snow.

Tip No. 47 – Wear old shoes when driving to protect new shoes from heel scuffs.

Tip No. 48 – Snacking in the car? Place a non-slip covering beneath plastic food containers to help keep them from sliding off the cart seat.

Tip No. 49 – Store can covers in your glove compartment. Use them to cover soda cans for fewer spills while on the go.

Tip No. 50 – On driving trips, listen to books on CD/MP3. Store them in a small storage bin to keep them dry, safe and organized.

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