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Tip No. 51 through 63 of 1001 – Camping / Vacations / Sports & Activities

Tip No. 51 – Organize before you go. Assign one area of the garage or house for storage of camping, sporting and vacation gear.

Tip No. 52 – Use sturdy Utility Shelving to hold supplies and help organize items off the floor to save space.

Tip No. 53 – Keep a supply of basic essentials on hand for camping or vacation trips.

Tip No. 54 – A permanent list of essentials should go with you on the trip. At the end of the trip, check your list with what remains and make a note to restock needed supplies.

7f55_rect_sm Tip No. 55 – Small supplies such as plastic cutlery, napkins and paper plates can be kept dry and ready to go in individual TakeAlong food containers.

Tip No. 56 – Nest food containers in a larger Roughneck Tote and label contents so you can carry supplies easily and quickly to the card.

Tip No. 57 – Rubbermaid’s stacking drawers can be stocked with kitchen gadgets, dishtowels, oven mitts and miscellaneous kitchen gear. The clear fronts on drawers make it easy to see contents at campsite and the stacking feature makes a very handy way to organize supplies and simplify meal preparation.

Tip No. 58 – A dishpan is great to use as a holder for dishes or pans and becomes a portable sink at campsite.

Tip No. 59 – Large totes make it easy to carry lanterns, camp stove, lamp oil and other supplies. The plastic lid seals to help keep out dampness.  (Read our "Making Camp" tips & solutions article)

Tip No. 60
– Pack newspaper and kindling in a Roughneck tote for that first night campfire.

Tip No. 61 – Use a tote not only as a carryall, but for a table inside the tent.

Tip No. 62 – Plastic sandwich bags can be used to separate tent pegs, cording of different lengths and other camp supplies, or store items TakeAlong food containers.

Tip No. 63 – Take along your own bathmat for use at campsite showers.


Do you have any great camping or vacation tips that save time, money and stress?  If so, use the comment link below and add your own ideas.  Happy summer!

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