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Two to Tango: Organizing your Significant Other

Hello everyone.

This is my first entry as a Rubbermaid blogger and I’m excited to share some organizational wisdom that I’ve accrued and hopefully solicit some advice in areas where I still need help.

If you’ve read my bio you’ll see that my organization weakness is my fiancée. This is not only a clever one-liner…it is the truth. While some of us may have personal organizational handicaps or kids that live in clutter, my heartaches start and finish with my lovely bride to be.

What do you do when the person making the messes is not you and is not one of your children (who you theoretically have command and control authority over)? While their behaviour can cause you significant organizational grief, your avenues for dealing with them are limited (unless you like sleeping on the couch).

I don’t pretend to have solved this issue and I definitely can’t tackle it in its entirety in this one blog entry. Instead I will address this issue in the context of my fiancée’s closet re-org in my next few blogs. In each one I’ll elaborate on a tactic that is helping me in the battle with her closet clutter.

  1. Build momentum: Cleaning and organizing is all about momentum. You might have it one day and not the next. Furthermore, you might have it one day but your significant other may not. If jump right into the project without regard to her/his current motivation, they probably won’t respond and worse…could move to sabotage the whole mission.

I learned to start slow, to entice her into the project. Going through all her clothes and installing (even though it would be me doing the work) was overwhelming for her. So to get started I took her to the Rubbermaid interactive closet designer. Here, over a Saturday morning breakfast, we played around with what her closet space could look like… shoe shelf here…long hang here….basket here…wait no basket over here…etc. She quickly forgot about the clean up she’d have to do and started having fun with this very easy introduction to the closet reorg. By the time we were done she had now started to build some internal momentum. The key was taking baby steps.

Alright that’s been my first maneuver and so far, so good.  If anyone out there has some other tips with “influencing” your significant others to organize without destroying your relationship…..please share.

Next up…attacking the mess.


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