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What’s your favorite organization tip?

As some of you have seen I’ve been posting tips from an old Rubbermaid brochure called 1,001 Solutions for Better Living.  I hope you’re finding these helpful.  What would be even better is to hear your tips and solutions.

Just use the comment link below to submit some of your favorite tips.  I look forward to reading them.

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One Response to What’s your favorite organization tip?

  1. Karen May 6, 2008 at 10:50 am #

    My son is a U.S. Marine, and he uses Takealongs to protect and organize his pins, ribbons, medals, buttons, and other uniform “hardware.” He was able to place the Takealongs in the bottom of his garment bag with his dress uniforms, saving valuable space in his seabags and ensuring that all those little detail pieces won’t be lost or damaged. Ultimately, this will save him money and help him ace his inspections.

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