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Camping? Time for Rain – Tip No. 73 through 78 of 1001

Tip No. 73ActionPack containers help keep equipment clean and dry on long trips; they’re also great for everyday use.

Tip No. 74 – Save old towels in a tote, both the tote and the towels come in handy when camping.

Tip No. 75 – Pack clothes in plastic bags to keep them free from dampness; roll them tightly, rather than folding, to save sapce. Use the bags during the trip for carry out trash.

Tip No. 75
– Plastic bags can become impromptu rain gear in a pinch (poke one hole in bottom, one on each side for head/arms).

Tip No. 76 – Roughneck totes are perfect boatmates for stowing rain gear and ropes.

Tip No. 77
– A basic first aid kit should include bandages, sterile gauze pads, adhesive tape, an elastic bandage, antiseptic cream, a needle, tweezers (for splinter removal) and pain relievers. Pack it all in a small Takealongs containers for easy storage and transportation.


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One Response to Camping? Time for Rain – Tip No. 73 through 78 of 1001

  1. Susan June 19, 2008 at 11:49 am #

    Heavy downpours happen and canoes sometimes tip over. You can’t warm up properly with cold wet feet. Always carry a pair of clean dry socks in an airtight plastic bag.
    Pack a few clean, folded lawn & leaf size garbage bags. They’re invaluable for keeping sleeping bags dry if the ground is wet or the tent leaks. With a facehole, one can even be used as a rain poncho or windbreaker in a pinch.

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