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Summer Sports Activities & Kids Camp – Tip No. 79 through 84

To continue with our 1,001 Solutions for Better Living series, below are a few more summer oriented tips that you should be able to find helpful.

Tip No. 79 – Use a medium sized, 24-qt cooler, when fishing; it will hold lures or bait and make a better seat than a cold, wet rock.

Tip No. 80 – A water-filled Roughneck tote, equipped with a battery pump, makes a good live well when fishing.

Tip No. 81
– For informal outdoor sporting events, a large wheeled cooler works equally well for storing drinks & food as well as for seating.

Tip No. 82
– Liquid is important for those who work out; pack one or more chug top beverage bottles of water in your gym bag.

Tip No. 83 – A water cooler with cone cup dispenser is great to use at children’s sporting events to keep germs at bay.

Tip No. 84 – Store your child’s toiletries in a small storage container. This can then be stowed in a camp locker or cubby.


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