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My Rubbermaid Garage Makeover (from bad to great) – Part 2 of a series

Planning is half the battle (or at least some of the battle).

Plan_scan1_a_2If you read my previous post you know that I’m in the process of a garage makeover. My garage was a total disaster (see photos on Flickr).  I needed to do something to get it clean, organized and usable.

The first step I decided to take was to sketch up a layout of what I envisioned my new garage to look like.  I already knew that I was going to utilize the Rubbermaid FastTrack garage organization system, new steel-reinforced 1,000 lbs shelves (UPDATE: Rubbermaid no longer makes the shelves but have other cabinets available)and a variety of totes and storage bins. (Some of you may suggest cleaning and purging first. I however plan on doing the cleaning and purging throughout the process.  I’m already aware of what needs to be tossed, recycled, stored in the attic or given to Goodwill.)

To begin the sketching process I first had to take measurements of my garage.  I measured the two walls that I planned to hang the FastTrack rails and I measured the small inset area by the steps leading into my laundry room.

Plan_scan2_a_2Next I went to the website to get dimensions for the various products.  I was most interested in the length of the FastTrack rails (48” or 84”) and the width and height dimensions for the FastTrack base and top cabinets.  These dimensions allowed me to calculate the number of rails I could use (6-48” rails on each wall, 3 on top, 3 on bottom) as well as determine how many cabinets and accessories could be placed on each rail.

After gathering the dimension information needed, I started to put pencil to paper (graph paper).  However before beginning to sketch I had to ask my son Shannon to find the graph paper and ruler which he had appropriately stored under his bed. Each grid on the graph paper ended up representing 5”.

Sketching the layout was fairly easy and quick (view larger images at Flickr). I first drew the walls and then added lines for the rails. Since one of my walls is going to be cabinets I needed to accurately layout the cabinets.  I decided to go with three base cabinets, two top cabinets, and potentially one large tall cabinet.

5e03_sm_2On the wall that utilized the standard FastTrack accessories, I started by laying out the large objects.  Bikes and ladders were sketched first followed by the remaining items that need to be added. NOTE: I did take an inventory of the items that I planned on keeping prior to doing the sketch.

Once I was satisfied with the design and layout I made a little shopping list, gathered my kids and keys and headed off to the store.  Being an employee of Rubbermaid I knew that my shopping trip was going to consist of visiting The Home Depot, Lowe’s Home Improvements and Walmart.  The shopping trip ended up being very successful as I was able to purchase all of the items I needed.

That’s all for now, look for my upcoming post where I begin to tackle the assembly and installation.

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My Rubbermaid Garage Makeover (from bad to great)
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2 Responses to My Rubbermaid Garage Makeover (from bad to great) – Part 2 of a series

  1. wheel balancers September 30, 2011 at 8:28 am #

    I hope things turned out good. You planned everything well so I think this makeover would be a great success.

  2. Karen September 24, 2010 at 10:49 pm #

    I’m DYING to see the end product. I really wanted to make over my entire garage but I’m struggling finding all the pieces I want without getting them from 10 different places. Even the rubbermaid website doesn’t carry all of the pieces. So frustrating.

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