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Organization Basics

Here are 4 SIMPLE Organization rules that I like to think about before I begin organizing an area of my home.

1. Store things close to where they are first used.

I always wait until I jump in the shower to realize that I’m out of shampoo. Now, I store extra bottles in a shower caddy INSIDE the shower. I’m never caught unprepared!

2. Store like things together.

My outdoor candles, grill lighters, bug spray and small lanterns are all in one place – right by the deck door. Sometimes I just take the whole clear container outside with me and pack it up when we’re ready to come inside again.

3. Keep frequently used items close by.

I always cook in one corner of my kitchen. I have a "catch all" drawer organizer that’s perfect for my spatulas, drainers, whisks and tongs. I don’t use my blender very much. So it’s in an over-head cabinet.

4. Store with Safety in mind.

Keep flammable substances away from heat sources and use safety locks on cabinets accessible to children.

What about you? Do you have any simple rules to add to the list? Just leave a comment below.

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