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Produce Saver – “How To” Usage Guide

I have received a few questions lately on how to correctly use Produce Saver so I thought I would put together a handy “how to” guide based on my own experiences to help answer any questions that may be out there.

First, purchase Produce Saver in the size that will best fit what you are intending to store.  For a traditional pack of strawberries, the 5 cup Produce Saver should work nicely.  For a large bunch of grapes or a small head of lettuce the 14 cup would be better suited.  Finally, for a small container of raspberries or blueberries, the 2 cup should be just about right.

Prodsav_crisptrayOnce you bring produce home from the grocery store or farmer’s market don’t wash it before storing.  Moisture will only increase the risk of decay.

Make sure the Crisp Tray™ is in the bottom of the container.  Place the produce in the container taking care to not pack the produce in too tightly so it doesn’t get bruised or damaged.

Prodsav_5c_ventdetailPlace the lid on the container and store in the refrigerator.  Produce Saver containers easily stack on top of one another or with other Rubbermaid food storage containers.

You’ll see that excess moisture will settle in the bottom of the container beneath the tray.  The vents in the side of the lid will allow produce to breath even with the lid on to protect the produce. 

Prodsav_orgWhen you are ready to consume the produce, take out what you need and wash it before consuming or preparing.  Now you’re ready to enjoy fresh produce!

A couple of other tips: if you purchase produce that is already packaged in a pre-sealed bag such as bagged lettuce, it’s best to keep the lettuce in the pre-sealed bag until you are ready to use it.  The pre-sealed bag is really the best environment for the lettuce because it has been infused with special gases designed for preserving the lettuce for as long as possible.  Also, Produce Saver is best for un-cut produce that is still in the same form as when you purchased it.

When storing Produce Saver, you can save space and keep organized by snapping the lids and trays together and then snapping them to the bases of the nested containers.  It’s a great way for finding your lids and trays with ease!

I hope my tips are helpful!

You can download our complete Use & Care Instructions here.

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