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Which Trash Can is Right for Me?

Everyone has a trash can outside the home, right? Some people keep it near the garage, in the garage, beside the deck or even next to the back door. Me? I keep mine at the beginning of my driveway (near the house). It’s not the most sightly thing, but it’s the most convenient location when it comes time to wheel it out to the street on trash days.

Often, my city trash can (although large) doesn’t do the trick. There could be weeks where I’ve had a party, finished some yard work or cleaned out a closet. When I went shopping for an additional trash can, I was amazed at the choices available today. Who knew consumers had so many options in a can?

Here’s a few tips in case anyone is in the market for an extra outdoor trash can and can’t decide on a perfect fit.

1339_sm_3SCENARIO #1: You’ve just added "trash duty" to your 8 year old son’s chore list.

SOLUTION #1: Try a can that is on the smaller size, so your child won’t struggle with it, and make sure it has wheels so he can doesn’t have to lift and carry it if the garbage is particularly heavy. Consider the 32 Gallon Wheeled Trash Can.

5f82_sm_3SCENARIO #2: Raccoons and other critters like to dine on your leftovers and make quite the mess.

SOLUTION #2: The 32 Gallon Animal Stopper Trash Can includes additional latches to help prevent unwanted animals from getting the lid off. (Watch this amazing video of raccoons meeting their match with Rubbermaid’s Animal Stopper.)

5h38_sm_4SCENARIO #3: A relatively short trip to the curb or a can that sits stationary in one location.

SOLUTION #3: A non-wheeled can should be sufficient, such as the 32 Gallon Non-Wheeled Trash Can. It’s even got a bag sinch (to hold the bag in place) and a lid tether to keep the the lid close by.

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