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Real life moving tips

I recently found myself searching the
Classifieds for a new place to call home as I was nearing the end of a lease in
an apartment I despised.  I was convinced this search would take until the end
of time to find something suitable; however, I was able to find a place within
two weeks.

New apartment?  Check.  Moving truck? 
Check.  Packing supplies?  Not so much.

Wow! With gas prices draining my wallet on
the regular, the cost to fill a moving truck with gas was surely going to be a
small fortune.  And then I saw the price for moving boxes.  A few moments of
sticker shock later, the reality that the boxes would be in a dumpster when all
was said and done made me nauseous.

I purchased some packaging tape and
something to settle my queasy stomach: Roughneck Storage Boxes. 

In all honesty, the cost of Rubbermaid
containers, when compared to moving boxes, really was my most cost-effective
solution.  And, since they are reusable and can store seasonal belongings
without fear of "decomposing" cardboard sealed the deal. The icing on my cake was, that according to the local weather station, the weekend I picked to move was full of rain. Wet cardboard does not make for easy lifting. 
I stopped in at Lowe’s to purchase a nice
selection of different sized totes so that I could begin the daunting task of
packing my life.
I found that packaging tape and Dymo labels
stick nicely to Roughneck containers. These labels saved me from having to
direct traffic and containers to their designated rooms.
In a week’s time, my roommate and I managed
to pack our apartment and label each container.  In a day’s time, with the help
of some loving friends and family members, our lives were packed into a moving
truck, two pick-up trucks, and three cars. After being hauled twenty miles, a
week’s effort took an hour and a half to be unpacked into the townhouse. 
A few bumps and bruises later, the empty
Roughneck containers found their place under the basement stairs.  Another great
feature is that they nest inside of each other and take up little space when
stored emptied.

Oh, and as with every move, we managed to
find items we didn’t have room for or use for.  Rather than throwing them away,
we re-labeled a few Roughneck storage boxes and stacked them next to the empties
in the basement.

Now, to convince Rubbermaid to make
Roughneck Storage Boxes that can pack, move, and unpack themselves would make
for one happy, frequent mover!

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One Response to Real life moving tips

  1. Ada September 20, 2008 at 1:41 pm #

    I have moved seven times in seven years – I am still using the Rubbermaid boxes I bought for the first move. I’m getting ready to move again (this weekend, ugh) and have them packed and ready to go for the 8th time.

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