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Small Kitchen, Big Storage

My kitchen is very small. I’d say about 2 people at a time can be in there. Space is very limited and I have to make every square inch work for me. Fortunately, my cabinets reach all the way up to the ceiling, giving me lots of room to play with.

Kitchen_010_2The storage space (that is too high for me to reach without a step stool) ends up getting filled with large serving bowls, small coolers, light bulbs & utility items, vases, etc. This works out very well for me since the rest of the house has virtually NO storage space. So, I guess the smallest room in the house ends up being the most space efficient!

Since I don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen (I’m getting better though), my food and cooking utensils don’t take up that much space. Since my roommate moved out, I really only take up two shelves with dry food. Don’t be alarmed – it takes time to build back your pantry after a huge "clean out".Kitchen_002_4

If I’m going to only allow for 2 shelves of food I must keep this valuable real estate organized. Armed with Dymo label maker and a plethora of food storage containers, I went to work. First step was to take everything out and put it under "review". Can I throw it away? If it’s a keeper, does it need to be in a better looking or better sealed container?Kitchen_006_2

I decided the flour needed to be transfered. But it ended up on the floor. Did you know that when you have a flour accident, everything within 5 feet gets blanketed? Kitchen_008_2

After I dug myself out of that small detour, I managed to get everything transfered and labeled correctly. I filled things such as flour and pasta in Double Airtight Sealed Canisters. I put other items such as packets of tea and hot chocolate inside Premier containers.

I know the labeling will help me out a TON with remembering how old my food is. I’m the queen of letting things sit until they go bad! Plus, I really like how it looks in my pantry. There’s something about a well organized pantry that makes me want to use my kitchen more! I know exactly what I have, I know that’s fresh and I know where it is!

Now that makes me want to cook! I’ll let you know how my next dish turns out. Grilled cheese anyone?

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One Response to Small Kitchen, Big Storage

  1. Will Zweigart December 29, 2008 at 10:26 am #

    I need some of these double airtights for Mom’s leftover homemade Christmas cookies that I can’t possibly eat right now, but also can’t throw out due to “waste guilt” (they are homemade, after all). Plus freezing them just seems like a bad idea.

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