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Kids Closet Makeover

Back in January we held the Rubbermaid Get Organized contest. In addition to the Grand Prize winner we also randomly selected winners for both closet and garage organization products. One of the winners, Heather L. recently sent me a recap of how she organized her son's closet with the Rubbermaid Configurations/HomeFree closet organization system.  Below is her story.

BeforeIt was January 5th 2009 and I finally got all three of my boys back to school and the house was peaceful and quiet.  I work as a computer programmer from home and I sat down at the computer and up popped an email telling me about the Rubbermaid Get Organized Contest.  I was on their email list because two summers ago I installed a Rubbermaid Fasttrack Garage organization system in my garage – and it is great!

Anyway I get this email inviting me to enter the Rubbermaid contest and immediately my son's closet comes to mind.  I grabbed my camera – opened his closet door – cringed – and took the picture.  Nothing had to be staged here – it was the real thing.

I went on the Rubbermaid site – sent the picture and wrote a brief paragraph for the judges about how I needed a closet organizer.  When my son came home from school I told him about entering the contest and his eyes got as wide as saucers.  "You did what?" he asked.  I said "Yes – I sent in a picture of your messy closet – I think it's going to win".

Image2 One month later on February 5th 2009 up pops an email that I am a second place winner in the Rubbermaid Get Organized contest. I had won a Rubbermaid® Configurations/HomeFree Closet System.  I was so thrilled.  A week or so later the box arrived at my door and it was a fantastic system!

My son was not too encouraged about cleaning out his closet and being only 10 years-old he wondered if after we got his closet organized would Rubbermaid continue to check up on him to see if he was keeping it clean!  I laughed and told him anything is possible!

On March 2nd 2009 I cleared out the closet while my boys were at school.  In all honesty my son had inherited his room from his older brother so it contained his mess and many things left behind from the previous inhabitant.  The pile of clothes and toys that came out of the space was incredible!  I decided that what was needed was a wall of shelving on the short end of the walk in closet and then leave the clothes rod and shelf intact on the long wall of the closet.  My son does not have a lot of clothes but he does have a ton of games and models and toys.

Final I installed the two four foot long shelves and three shorter shelves that came with the Closet System. Still I wanted to have more four foot long shelves for the end of the closet.  I was able to add three more four foot long shelves and then I had the perfect configuration for him.  (see Final picture attached)

 So "Thank you" Rubbermaid!  My son can now go into his closet and find what he is looking for.  He is no longer throwing clothes on the floor and he is making a real effort at organization. Now if you only had a "Rubbermaid inspection squad" to drop by occasionally to monitor him!

About Heather L.
Heather is a computer programmer and entrepreneur.  Five years ago she invented a special sheet protector for greeting cards. You can insert the greeting card and see both the inside and outside of the card without removing it from the card sleeve. The acid free sleeves are three-hole punched and fit in albums. Cards can be displayed and preserved so they can be read over and over again.  You can check them out at:

She is also a distributor for SendOutCards. SendOutCards and Card Memories are a perfect match. With SendOutCards you can send a real printed greeting card with your message in Less than 60 Seconds. SendOutCards prints it, stuffs it and mails it, all for less than a greeting card at the store.

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    Wow this closet looks a lot better! Thanks for sharing.

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