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Organizers on Twitter Tweet Tips

Last Friday I had the pleasure to participate in the first Professional Organizer Twitter party chat which was guest hosted by Allison Carter, CPO®.

Since I'm a fan of the professional organizing community I asked Allison if she wanted to do a guest blog post on the Rubbermaid blog.  She graciously agreed. Below is her post. Enjoy!

It was an inspiration party on twitter for Professional
Organizers. Professional Organizers on twitter teamed up to bring awareness to the
industry with an Ask the Organizer chat party.

Twitterers could ask questions to @askorg and the Professional
answered and discussed via 140 max character tweets. The event was designed to
bring awareness to the organizing industry and all the people and things that
help get people organized.

The Party Organizers had so much fun another one is in the
works. Follow @askorg on for updates on when the next
one will be held.

You can see the entire chat (in backwards chronological
order) by going to and do a search for
To see the original 10 questions that were asked via Twitter, please visit

Below are some highlights from the party chat:
RT = someone has repeated the tweet so all their followers
can see it too.
@ = identity of tweeter
# = hashtag that allows you to follow a certain topic using
twitter search
@JeriDansky: Q8 Make it easy to put things away: hooks
rather than hangers, storage at kid level, label with pictures.
Q8. Underbed boxes are excellent for storing artwork and other keepsakes for
kids (and adults too) #askorg 
@PiggyBankPixie: Ready for a brain dump of thoughts?
Rollout butcher paper & grab markers/crayons, sit on the floor and let the
thougths flow #askorg 
@kristacolvin: mail center: (expand) Label
the drawers: Pay. File. Events and other titles that match your incoming mail
@Mamapj: RT @OrganizeAtlanta: @bkajino electronic planner +
Post-its = perfect mix #askorg I 2nd that – I have too many to dos to just do
@OrganizeAtlanta: Q9. Purging: Make a box and label it
"GUILT" and put in all the stuff you save out of obligation. Then realize you
don't really like it.
@kristacolvin: ooooh nice @JeriDansky "do you have room in
your life for things that are just ok". brillllllllliant girlfriend
@OrganizeAtlanta: Q10. Ask organizer questions and see if
you have some chemistry. You could be working together a lot.
reply: Mamapj: @OrganizeAtlanta q10 LOL – my organizer has
become like a member of our family! Both my husband and I want to marry her 🙂
@tomwilliams134: RT @rubbermaid: Foxmarks bookmarks for
Firefox is great. Share & organize bookmarks between computers. #askorg I
love it.
@OrganizeAtlanta: @PiggyBankPixie just found syncplicity
for mac. trying it out. for syncing multiple computers .
bkajino: A couple fave blogs: and @simplemom
& @theinspiredroom rock! #askorg
@PiggyBankPixie: for backing up computer
files and evernote. No need keep the paper copies anymore.
@ putitaway: Q6. I love voice recognition for organizing the
thoughts in my head while driving. #askorg
@ellendamaschino: Q6.@Clutterdiet! Really great online
resource for getting organized! #askorg
@proorgfinder: RT @OrganizeAtlantaQ6. my favorite website
for organizing is google docs, google notebok combo. Stash info can get it from
anywhere #askorg
@OrganizeAtlanta: Q6. I'm loving for scheduling groups to
get together. No more email-go-rounds #askorg
@kristacolvin: Q5. fav. organizing blog… seriously the
BEST info is on there! #askOrg
@kristacolvin: mail center: (expand) Label
the drawers: Pay. File. Events and other titles that match your incoming mail
@OrganizeAtlanta: RT @kristacolvin: Link for my brain drain
doc (expand)
@kristacolvin: RT @rubbermaid: Current favorite
organizational product is Easy Find Lids food storage #askorg I
@rubbermaid: Other 2 favorite org products #2 Dymo labeler
& #3 ( @evernote ) #askorg
@OrganizeAtlanta: Q5. Love this organizing blog for
cute/fun/original product ideas: #askorg
@clementinenw: RT @kristacolvin: fyi… if you want the
schoolfolio let me know…i can score u a 10% discount #askOrg (Love the
@kristacolvin: Q1 #askOrg I'm a HUGE fan of boxes… I use
these to pile/file my financial docs/ bank statements

OrganizeAtlanta: – Q1. Desktop File
– Love for action papers

@ellendamaschino: Q1.great for small offices of if you have
limited desk space

@sugarjones: ack! Of course I was not organized to get here
in time. LOL. #askORG
@ellendamaschino: Q9. Blindfold yourself so you don't know
what you're throwing away! he he..sorry getting punchy. #askorg
@ JanetBarclay: @bkajino #askorg Can't answer that in 140
char – pls see my blog posts (expand) &

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2 Responses to Organizers on Twitter Tweet Tips

  1. Jim Deitzel April 13, 2009 at 8:06 am #

    Allison did all the work. I just posted it 🙂

  2. krista colvin | organize in style April 10, 2009 at 3:39 pm #

    LOVE that you created this post!!! [appreciate it too~]

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