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Basement Makeover with Tanna Clark

This post was written by Tanna Clark of Complete Organizing Solutions

As a professional organizer I can
honestly say I have found my dream job! I love working with my clients and
seeing their faces light up after a job well done. When I started my organizing
business I knew right away I also wanted to be able to use my skills to give
back to the community. I recently contacted the local Pregnancy Care Center to
offer my services as they were just opening in my town.The director contacted me
and told me about their basement and could use my help deciding how to best use
the space. 

The director wanted to
essentially be able to turn this basement into a huge maternity and baby closet
where they could hang maternity clothes, baby clothes, and store all the other
necessities a new baby and mother might need. After looking at the basement
customizable shelves immediately came to mind and lots of totes! 
I had previously met Jim Deitzel
of Rubbermaid through Twitter so I contacted him and told him I thought the
Rubbermaid Configurations Closet Kits would meet our needs. I asked him if he
could pass a discount on to me since I was a member of The National Association of Professional Organizers with whom Rubbermaid is also affiliated. Rubbermaid
went above and beyond and supplied us with all of the shelving and totes that we
needed for free! 



We hung all the baby clothes by
size, we have shelves for diapers and totes for everything from bibs to
pacifiers! The shelving is so useful because it can be rearranged to meet the
needs of the center as it grows. Having so much storage on the walls frees up
the floor space for freestanding shelves in the future. Each time I came back to
the Center more donations kept rolling in. This system will definitely come to
good use. We also had left over shelves and a few other components so we bought
an additional hanging piece and were able to get a little more wall hanging
space out of the materials we had. 
Since working on this project the
Pregnancy Care Center had an inch or so of water that had come into the
basement. Luckily everything was up on shelves and in plastic totes so there was
no water damage to the items that were already donated. Three cheers for
It was a huge blessing for all
involved in this project. I learned so much and got to help out a wonderful
non-profit organization and the new mommy's and babies they continue to help.
Thank you Rubbermaid for your generosity!

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2 Responses to Basement Makeover with Tanna Clark

  1. Jim Deitzel July 1, 2009 at 8:27 am #

    Ava, Thanks for the comments on the blog. I hope you enjoy the posts.

  2. Goldilocks Bakery July 1, 2009 at 1:38 am #

    Wow looks organized,love the set up of this basement.I think i need to start organized things since i my baby will coming this August.

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