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My fellow Adventures in Organization blogger Jim Deitzel blogged a few days ago about Rubbermaid's new website where you can share stories about your food storage organization (his post is here).

I have exponentially enjoyed reading everyone's stories about their successes and challenges organizing their food storage containers. Some have made me laugh and others gave great advice. I enjoyed them so much I thought you might like them too. Here are a few of my favorites:

Pat May
But if I had the Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid System then my washing machine socks would miss my lids; they're off somewhere together; I know it

Nancy Reid
My husband's famous words are "I didn't know we had that, I would have eaten it! These clear containers would prevent wasted food & save $$.

Kristen Wheeler
With lids that snap on to the containers for storage, packing school lunches in the morning became a snap – no more hunting for lids!

So…3 kids,a husband,& me all fighting for containers for lunches & snacks. Its practically a sporting event @ my house. May the fastest win

nancy gruzleski
I used rubbermaid storage containers to take Ohio cheese to New york for my daughters shower. It saved us money, and everyone loved the cheese

Billy Wilson
If you put aluminum foil over the top of a plastic container, the container does not always "contain."

BrendaLea Abbott
I'm convinced that my plastic containers multiply while in the cabinet, but the lids don't (hmmm …are they sterile?) Please help!!!

Joanne Anderson
I love being organized … I even alphabetize my spices! This system can keep me happy for a long time!!!

Judy Graehling
I'm totally convinced that there is a gremlin who eats container lids living in my cabinet! Might be in cahoots with my dryer's sock thief.

Cindy Procter
Yep, have no trouble finding my containers but can never find the lids. Tell me, do all container lid grow legs and walk off?

lorraine walton
Its so easy to find the containers, but the lids seem to get lost, the dog must of gotten them, as the kids would say..

natassja horosko
My containers are like traveling back in time, they have been gathered from the 60s-90s. Even worse, we use cool whip containers for storage

April Grimm
We have one drawer for just containers. Our 1 year loves it more than his toybox.

Kimberly Matson
In a house fire the thing you worry about the most is losing family photos. 90% of our pix were untouched because they were in rubbermaids! (This post made me so happy. It made me feel as if I was part of something that made a difference. I am so glad that you did not lose your photos Kimberly!)

I hope you enjoyed these. If you have a good story, please share it at You could be one of our 5 weekly (randomly chosen) winners to receive a 20 piece set of Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid food storage containers.  Even better, at the end of October we're going to pick one winner to receive $500 in Rubbermaid product.


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