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Easy Find Lids Contest

So, I could not help it but share some more stories from our Easy Find Lids contest. They are just awesome!

Some Good Advice

Chandra EFL


Chandra says I used Easy find lid containers to store leftovers, fresh cut fruits, yogurt,take food to office,school,It's very easy to store and no odor.




Ruth EFL


Ruth Slate says Rubbermaid containers are for crayons,loose change,quilt pieces & notions and of course food. they're so economical,i use them for everything.




Jen Steed EFL


Jen Steed says she had drawers of mismatched, stained dishes & lids. Switched to JUST these on one shelf. Heaven! Even DH quit using baggies for everything.




Yolanda EFL


Yolanda Newton says My food storage solution? Use clear see-through containers so you can see what it is in your fridge! Avoid mystery meat sitting for weeks!



Funny Entrees

EFL Joey


Joey says My daughter can't keep her cat out of her produce. Finch (the cat who eats everything) has eaten her tomatoes.  Help!





EFL Lori


Lori Hatch says I couldn't figure where my lids were going. Until one day I saw my German Shephard puppy open the cupboard door and run off with the lid.




EFL S Moses


S Moses says If I win…would my kids miss: plastic lid avalanche, sorting bingo, getting to hear mom swear? No – we'd have too much time to play! Yay!



People who REALLY need Easy Find Lids

EFL Mary Moody


Marie Moody says Too many bowls & lids that didn't match & became toys for my grandchildren to teeth on & play with & didn't make loud noises & clean easily.




EFL Carolyn


Carolyn Larrivee says I live with 3 girls in a small Philly apartment. Little cupboard space, too many arguments and times spent organizing it! We need help!




EFL Kari McGuire


Kari McGuire says My 2 year old thinks my plastic containers are for playing – she opens the cabinet and they all come falling out and she laughs!!



I hope you have enjoyed thes enough to check out the web site Go and share your story for a chance to win a 20 pc. Easy Find Lids set and share your story on Facebook for a chance to win a $500 kitchen makeover.

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  1. shannon July 16, 2009 at 6:52 pm #

    Very cute, thanks for sharing!

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