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Ideas for Under the Bed Storage

I really liked this post from Julie at @organizedhome on things you can store under beds….for those of us who don’t have linen closets (like me), this is very helpful!


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One Response to Ideas for Under the Bed Storage

  1. Julie Bestry July 7, 2009 at 2:16 pm #

    Lauren, I agree that the post itself was nifty, but I think the comment from the person who stores groceries under her bed so her roommates won’t eat them is a sign of a bigger problem that organizational systems. 😉
    Many people don’t opt for under-bed storage because they feel they don’t have enough space, but those Romper-Stomper-sttyle bed risers are perfect for adding some subtle lift to dorm beds and even home space. Off-season clothing and extra bedding, if protected from dust, can be nicely stored below the bed if there are no other options. Conversely, I know the feng shui experts are against storage under the bed for reasons dealing with the flow of chi. Me? I just know that if I store anything under the bed, it’s going to make me far less likely to vacuum underneath the bed with the same frequency as when the space is wide open.

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