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Moving Advice

I HATE moving. And I have had to do it a lot lately with almost no end in sight. Plus, it is not just me moving in and out of apartments, but my parents moving to different states. Needless to say I am amazed that I am able to find any of my things any more.

So this weekend was another glorious moving weekend. I had to officially move out of my college apartment in Athens. Thankfully, I have been living in Charlotte for the past two months and have been slowly moving things from Athens to Charlotte. It's a lot easier when you have two months to decide what you want to keep and more than one weekend to transfer all your stuff! But I finally had to move everything out and clean.

So, here are a few tips I have learned about moving.

1.    Rubbermaid containers are great. If you are moving yourself, it is even better if you can have a bunch of smaller ones. Easier to carry and if you have limited trunk space like me (buying a coup when moving was not the smartest thing I have ever done) it's easy to slip them into extra space in your car.


2.    If you have room, organize in piles. My roommate with the bedroom accross the hall from me had already moved out. His room and the hall became a staging ground with a pile for trash, things going in my car, and things I was storing in a friend's basement.


This is my trash pile.


This is my take with me pile.

3.    Label, label, label. You might think you will remember where you put your flashlight or towels but if you do not unpack everything in a few days you might not remember. Try to pack like things together and label boxes/totes clearly.

For me, I bought a couple of large Rubbermaid containers to try to put all my little things that I would store into. That way I knew all my things would stay together in one place in my friend's basement. However, that meant everything was just being piled together. So I labled each tote that it was my stuff and kept a running list of what was going in the box on a piece of notebook paper. I taped the list to the inside of top of the lid. So when I need something and am searching in the basement for it, I can quickly check to see which tote it is in.


4.    Do not be afraid to throw things away. If you have not used it recently (except for seasonal items then ask if you used it the last season), get rid of it. Most of the stuff that is clutter are inexpensive things that if you do decide in a month or two you need, it will not be too bad to go buy another one. You can justify the cost to yourself by thinking of the energy you saved packing, carrying, and unpacking it.

Here are some more moving tips that I have found:

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3 Responses to Moving Advice

  1. Shelving Galore March 12, 2010 at 6:52 am #

    The beauty of the rubbermaid containers is that they protect your stuff from dirt and moisture too. This is especially important if your stuff may be going into temporary storage while you sort out your lodgings, or go travelling.

  2. Erin Gentry November 4, 2009 at 9:54 pm #

    I did not use a moving checklist because I did not realize I was moving until two weeks before it happened and then spent two months on various weekends getting all the “unessential” things to fit in my little coup. I also own NO furniture. Moving Checklists are a great resource though and I know some of my parents friends have found them helpful!

  3. Scott "Moving Checklist" Clendaniel November 4, 2009 at 6:27 pm #

    Did you use a moving checklist for your move, or did you just “wing it?”

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