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Put Me In Coach!

Yesterday evening was the kick off of the Rubbermaid Huntersville Office softball tournament. It was aCIMG1274 great time to hang out with fellow employees, play some softball and eat hot dogs! Now organizing an entire office to play a game of softball takes some work. So here are some tips and ideas that we use.

  • The teams are divided along department lines (marketing (the BEST one since it is the one Jim is a part of), research and development, sourcing, etc.)
  • Department heads are responsible for recruiting and forming their team or teams
  • One person was responsible for reserving the softball fields, securing an umpire (yes, this game is THAT serious), recruiting 2 to 3 volunteers (to keep score and hand out food), and getting the food.
  • Keep food simple. We only had bottles of water in a HUGE cooler and ordered hot dogs and chips from a local vendor.
  • Keep track of information. We had a spreadsheet that had team members and a bracket that showed when teams were playing.
  • Finally have FUN!

So how did the game turn out? Marketing won their first game!!! More games will be played tonight and tomorrow to determine the champion!

Here are some more pictures I took at the game. (I am not playing due to my absolute lack of softball skills…).


Everyone hitting up the food and getting some water!


Jim stepping up to bat.


Running into 3rd


The Marketing Team celebrating their victory!!!

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