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Airing out Sports Equipment

Sports-equipment-1In any thorough ranking of unpleasant smells, recently used hockey gloves must be near the top of the list. Closely followed by shoulder pads. To be honest all sports equipment smells disgusting after the game / practice. It needs to be aired out.

When I was a kid my mother set up a wire hanging tree in our furnace room in the basement. As I moved into apartments I alternated between enclosed closets (which became hazardous zones) and balconies. For the last two years I returned to my roots with a hanging tree in the basement.

As you can see from the picture this is not an ideal solution. First off, they don’t make wire hanging trees like they used to….mine is really flimsy and bends like its trying to make it under a limbo stick. Secondly, it’s not big enough for all my adult-sized gear so I end up overlapping items, which isn’t ideal for airing things out.

Well this past weekend I solved the problem…see below.


I used left over Configurations (HomeFree) pieces I had from my closet installations and put them to use on the basement wall. In Canada you can go to Home Depot or RONA (Lowes in the US) to get the missing open stock pieces you need for the install. I also bought three sliding baskets.

The result is a functional wall with ventilated wire shelving that’s ideal for airing out the equipment. I designed it using our design tool so that every piece of equipment has its own spot without touching anything else. Once I started installing, however, I moved things around on the track to better suit my actual hockey equipment.

This just reinforces the versatility of the Configurations system. My suggestion to all of you who have sports equipment to air out and have been putting off a closet makeover is this: buy a Configurations kit and redo your closet(s). With left over pieces (as there almost always will be) build a sports equipment airing wall in your basement, your garage or anywhere else that’s away from most human activity.

As I mentioned you can round out the pieces you need at above-mentioned retailers to make sure there is zero waste. I like it….. save waste, save money, save space and most importantly save your marriage. Hockey gloves really stink.

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