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How to Sell Clothing at a Yardsale?

My husband and I combined forces with our friends for a yard sale this fall. We had tons of stuff and quite the variety: home decor, electronics, speakers, tv's, dvd players, purses, shoes and all sorts of other jazz. The first thing we had to do was go through our house to decide what was going to be in the sale. Purging is something that is tough for me because I'm always scared I'm going to get rid of something I will need "someday" (which of course never happens). This time around I did a pretty good job, with the help of my husband encouraging me and reminding me that no, I will never need that bag, or that shirt, or those shoes ever again. One room at a time, we went through the closets, checked under the beds, looked in all of our storage bins, and designated one of our guest rooms as the yard sale room. We started this process in August, so as we found more and more things to sell, we placed them in the yard sale room. One night as the sale got close, we sat down and priced everything. We used masking tape and a red marker, that way we knew what was ours (our friends marked theirs in black marker). Our friends made some signs (below was after the sale, but thought I would show you the signs!), and the day of the sale finally came.

Even though it rained (despite the sunny forecast), we were prepared with canopies to cover most of our selection. The photo below was after the rain let up a bit, and my husband was brave enough to put the speakers out from under the canopy.



One thing we had plenty of was clothing, and we weren't really sure the best way to display all of it. We had shirts, sweaters, jackets, jeans, shorts, skirts and even a couple suits and bridesmaids dresses. As you will see from the photo, we gave it our best effort. (This consisted of a rope tied from a tree in the front yard to a hook on the front porch held up in the middle by a ladder. We hung the shirts on the rope, and we had all of the pants and shorts in bins on the ground.) 



We put out plastic hangers with our clothes, which was tough to remember to get them back before people walked off with them. I should have looked at more research first. This site had a lot of good tips: (This site, for example, suggested using wire hangers or hangers that you don't want back.) I thought I would get some ideas for our next yard sale on our toughest challenge this time around…what is the best way to display clothing items? 

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I'm a easy-going, hard-working, sport-loving gal from Michigan who is proud of her midwestern roots. Graphic designer by trade and a sports fanatic by heart. My friends tell me, "Meg, you need to slow down!" but usually I don't listen :) Some of my favorite things include traveling, playing and coaching volleyball, going to sporting events, going to the beach, finding new ways to be creative, seeing new places, and helping people and the environment.

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6 Responses to How to Sell Clothing at a Yardsale?

  1. Megan G October 28, 2009 at 9:32 am #

    I feel like every time I do a yard sale, I learn more. Using the money for vacation is motivation for sure! I should do that next time!

  2. Megan G October 28, 2009 at 9:29 am #

    Those are two great ideas for displaying clothes! I will keep those in mind the next time I have a yard sale. Thanks!

  3. Megan G October 28, 2009 at 9:28 am #

    The yard sale queen had a lot of good ideas and tips for sure. I wish I had a more fun story about the money – it was gone all too quickly at our next trip to Lowe’s! (As a new homeowner, we always have plenty of things to do around the house…) You’ll have to let me know how your mom’s yard sale goes! Good luck!

  4. Toni-Lynn October 28, 2009 at 8:28 am #

    I make a killing on my yard sales usually and I appreciate the extra Tips! It is out vacation money event lol

  5. Melissa, Multitasking Mama October 28, 2009 at 8:18 am #

    Those are great tips- I also use portable closet units (garment boxes also work) for displaying clothing. Thanks for the link- looks like a great site to check out!

  6. Lauren Spahr October 28, 2009 at 8:10 am #

    Great post, Megan. I am going to take some of your tips as well as read the yard sale queen site for my mom’s upcoming yard sale.
    So, the big question – what did you do with the money?

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