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Keeping your Office Supplies Organized

OK, maybe the title is a little misleading. This isn't about keeping all your office supplies organized. Just a helpful tip on keeping small miscellaneous items such as binder clips and file folder labels organized.


When I moved into my work space at Rubbermaid I inherited a fair amount of binder clips and file folder labels and I needed to find a way to keep them organized. I also happened to have a few TakeAlongs containers laying around. I put two and two together and decided to put the extra supplies inside the containers. Then, since the lids were not 100% clear I ended up using a Dymo labeler to label the contents. These containers then went back into the desk drawer ready for when I need them.


Above is a photo of the binder clips and below are the file folder labels. If I hadn't stored these items in the TakeAlongs containers then would have been sliding all around the desk drawer. Now they are nice and neat. I hope this gives you a small bit of inspiration.


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One Response to Keeping your Office Supplies Organized

  1. allison carter October 13, 2009 at 8:46 am #

    I totally use these for my office supplies and art supplies too! You wouldn’t believe how much easier they are to find and use than traditional drawer organizers. One of the best things they have lids! So when I tip over my thumb tacks it isn’t a terrible, dangerous mess.
    Keep some on hand for organizing and re-organizing!

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