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Bathroom Blues

The "Life is Changing" saga continues. The big spaces, like the bedrooms and garage have been tidied, but there's alot of work to do in a couple closets. But more troubling is under the cabinets. How can a space so small gather such an array of clutter? 

Situation: two girls shared a bathroom. Older daughter moved out on her own. Younger daughter will go off to college in the fall. We have a dog that has a love/hate relationship with bathroom waste baskets. How do I begin with this?

Step #1: Remove the leave behinds from daughter #1.

Step #2: Keep things accessible to daughter #2,  but inaccessible to dog.

Looking for guidance and advice. Help.

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4 Responses to Bathroom Blues

  1. Kathy P July 28, 2011 at 6:06 pm #

    I have learned to organize my home while my sons were little. Rubbermaid products are my best friend, from the drawer organizers to the sliding bins. I moved to a townhouse half the size of my home after a divorce. It was a real mistake to get rid of the products I didn’t think I’d need. I ended up replacing items to use in other areas of the house. I especially like the sliding bins for under the kitchen and bathroom sinks. I’m on my way to buy some for two more bathrooms. They are great, especially in small areas. I advise anyone setting up their first home to invest in Rubbermaid products. You’ll never be sorry. And don’t get rid of any that are currently being unused. You need them later down the road. I found out the hard way.

  2. Janet March 5, 2010 at 1:38 pm #

    I have a very small bathroom and only a couple places to store things. Underneath the bathroom sink I brought baskets and put things in that. In the closet where I keep my towels, etc., I found instead of folding them I roll with wash cloth and hand towel together, so when you go to use them sets are all together. Any extra misplaced towels I just fold and stack to the side.
    Sometimes I might take shampoo or rinse and empty them into another bottle that is half full, sure gets rid of extra little amounts of shampoo, etc.

  3. shris December 11, 2009 at 12:14 pm #

    OK, step 1 is to get it all out where you can see it. That is, take all the stuff out of there and get it into another room entirely.
    If you can, spread it all out on the dining room table or the biggest bed (with a protective covering to keep any drips off the sheets!). Examine the contents.
    This is where you get rid of the gunk and identify the keep stuff.
    Once you have all the trash out and not-save stuff gone, then you can look at how much stuff is left and how to organize it.
    Generally, like should go with like, maybe separating short stuff from tall stuff so you can use multi-level storage. Frequently-used goes in front, less used in back. Duplicates can maybe go into a different storage area if you have room somewhere else for the extra shampoos or whatever.
    Once you have the stuff grouped, you can see what sort of containment will suit each grouping. Shelves, baskets, drawers, sliding racks, etc. You can also get your dimensions for the vanity and the groupings so you can shop for the stuff you need.
    But the good tips are:
    Get rid of the trash and giveaways first.
    Group the stuff.
    Measure the stuff.
    THEN go shopping.

  4. lauren December 11, 2009 at 9:57 am #

    Betty – slide and stack baskets are great solutions to help!

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