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A Year Ago on Adventures In Organization – January 2009

It's amazing how a year can go by so quickly but the work day never ends 😉

Today I was reviewing the posts from a year ago and was shocked to see the post "My Garage Makeover – Six Months Later". It seems like only yesterday I was working on this project. But even more amazing is my garage is still organized. Guess that goes to show what proper planning along with continuous "5-minute pickups" can do.


Some of the other highlights from January 2009 include the following:

  • To finish off the January 2009 highlights Lauren wrote about completing a closet makeover for her friend Randi. It's a great post to read. It will help inspire you to get your closet in order.

If you're interested in reviewing all of the January 2009 posts, click here to see them all.

Happy New Year!


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