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Under Cabinet Clear Out

I'm feeling good about 2010. The closets have been purged and organized. There's room for both the seasonal clothes and the mother-in law quilts in the spare closet and there' no spare furniture in the garage.

My latest challenge was some of the small spaces. Bathroom Blues I got some great advice: Clear it Out! and get some Stacking Bins

The results were great. I emptied and cleaned, created piles for keep, toss and relocate and then organized into clear stacking bins so my daughter could see what's in the back. The stuff she uses every day is in the front.

Blogging 034  
STEP 1 -  CLEAN                                   

Blogging 037


Blogging 044


What I think will Blogging 047help her stay organized by keeping the counter clean is this great over-the-door organizer. The pockets hold the face and hair styling products and an extra towel rack really comes in handy.

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2 Responses to Under Cabinet Clear Out

  1. shris January 21, 2010 at 9:50 pm #

    Cool, that looks very tidy.
    The over door organizer is a great idea. I might have to do that in my no-medicine-cabinet master bathroom. I just did get an organizer for the makeup that hangs on a hook behind the door. But the organizer you found is nice for bigger stuff that needs to be upright.
    And I surely need an extra towel rack for my guest bath. Actually two.

  2. Sara Broers January 21, 2010 at 3:05 pm #

    Very nice! This shows an awesome transformation.

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