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Q&A with Melissa Smallwood – Professional Organizer

Melissa-smallwood Melissa Smallwood – Falling Waters, WV –

1) How long have you been a professional organizer?
This has been my full time profession for three years. 

2) What inspired you to become a PO?
I am your typical (recovering) Type A personality and realized that many people don’t come by organization as naturally as I do.  I love to help people (I have a social work background) so helping people create order in their lives was a natural progression for me.  I had worked with the elderly for years after college.  I started out as a PO helping elderly clients downsize and my business took off from there.

3) What is the most common organizing project you’re hired to do?
Home office projects are the most popular, followed by kitchens and time management consulting.

4) What is the most common organizing challenge people have?
We live in a society of excess.  Many people just have too much stuff without giving thought to creating a place for everything. 

5) If you had to pick ‘your’ biggest organizing challenge, what would it be?
I am not good at keeping my make-up organized.

6) What one tips would you give to people who are trying to get organized?
Remember that you don’t "get" organized in one day.  It is a process so be patient with yourself.

7) How can potential clients get in touch with you?

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