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My Messy Baby – Part 2 (Munchkin for My Munchkin)

After keeping a small cooler next to our bed for a couple of months and having to run downstairs to warm a late night bottle while our little screamer patiently awaits his meal, my wife and I decided that we needed to make the process more efficient.

Not to brag, but my little guy has plumped up to just over 18 lbs. That may seem like a lot, but it's only 2 lbs more than a standard bowling ball and the same weight of 4 gallons of milk. OK, I guess he's pretty big. To contrary belief, keeping my boy in the 98th percentile of weight is actually a pretty easy task. That is, with the help of Munchkin's Powdered Formula Dispensers. Since Mommy works full time and needs her beauty rest, most of the late night (3 am) feedings have been falling into my lap. If you don't know from personal experience, I'm sure that you can guess that it can be quite a challenge to prep a bottle in the middle of the night while your squealing little bundle of joy anxiously awaits.


With these canisters from Munchkin, you can easily pour your pre-measured formula in the 3 individual sections before the little monster has even thought about his next feeding. As you can see from the photos, I've put a small piece of tape directly below each section on the bottom of the canister to label the size of the bottle the mixture will produce. Just fill your bottles with sterilized water and seal tightly. Using the new Rubbermaid Carafe, the easy pour spout makes it effortless to fill the small-mouthed baby bottles without spilling water all over your kitchen.


This has really been a big time saver and really helped Dad get back to his own beauty rest. By having everything ready to go, you can have the bottle locked and loaded in a matter of seconds. I hope that this little insight will help you get back to sleep faster too.


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