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Premier On TV

On Monday, we launched our New Premier TV spot.  

I thought it might be fun to give you a "behind the scenes tour" of what it was like to shoot the commercial.

The first tool we use is the story board – it combines a script with photos of what is shown, so we can get a feel of what the approved spot is like to plan out the shoot. 


Next is the shooting board – since it makes sense to sometimes shoot things in different order than the normal flow of the spot, this board helps us "organize" all the shots we need to get.  It also helps the crew know what's next.  This is especially helpful to the food stylist to know what to prep in which order.


This is one example of us deciding whether to have the lid on the bottom or not for the food shots – one of many decisions we make on shoot day. We went without the lid in the real ad.


Below is a video about the foods we used.  We wanted to pick foods that connoted "staining" since Premier solves for that.   We also wanted to pick lots of fun colors.  We were shooting a birds-eye view so you can see the "trick" that the food stylist used to add a base to the bottom of the container. 

We would love to know if you see the spot and what you think of it!  Also, make sure you download a coupon to try the new Premier!

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