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Discovery Place Kids Community Outreach

Here at Rubbermaid, we try to make a difference in our community as a company. Our company sponsors various organization around the areas where our company has a presence (like around our Charlotte office headquarters) and provides employees with opportunities to volunteer in their community.

Two weeks ago, employees had a chance to take the morning or afternoon off to volunteer at the new Discovery Place Kids location in Huntersville, NC. The location is set to open in the Fall and is a great place that provides fun learning environments that allow children to play, imagine and learn.

Unfortunately, Lauren, Jim and I were at the NAPO conference but our co-worker Kristin volunteered to take pictures and describe her experience!

Kristin is our former safety marshal in the office so she found it “quite ironic that the first thing they had us do was put on safety vests and hard hats. It was a construction zone after all.

IIC - DPK 007

The management then told us what we would be doing and introduced us to Ray from Dearness Gardens. Ray was the leader who was in charge of organizing us all. 

IIC - DPK 018

Ray split us up into two groups to work on two different sides of the work area. Everyone did different tasks but was organized by space which was a different approach. Once someone was done with a task we would go to Ray and he would put us on the next step in the process. It was very much “put me in coach” attitude. 

IIC - DPK 021
IIC - DPK 025
IIC - DPK 043
IIC - DPK 051

In the end we created a S-shaped walk way for the facility. It doesn’t sound like much but it was a lot of physical labor. The next day I was sore but it was good. I was giving back and getting some exercise at the same time!”

IIC - DPK 078

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One Response to Discovery Place Kids Community Outreach

  1. May 4, 2010 at 6:11 pm #

    Thanks for involving me.
    I can’t wait to go back and see what this place would look like…..
    Well done everyone!

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