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Under the Sink. An Unplanned Makeover.

I had a friend visit.  Not a welcome one.  A four legged cheese-loving friend.  I noticed the evidence one day as I looked under my sink for a microfiber rag for cleaning. 

It isn't the first time. I have had experience before and knew what to do.  To deal with it, I started by boxing up anything food related into our totes so it didn't tempt him. 

Then I started to clean up.  While doing so, I realized I should organize under there better.

First, I took everything out (sorry, i didn't shoot a before photo for obvious reasons!).  I actually found the place where I think the little rascal got in and I sealed it up.  I deep cleaned the cabinet.

Then, I grouped it by category – dish washing stuff, outdoor/plant/fertilizer stuff, special surface stuff, hardwood cleaner, tools, and trash bags: 


Next, I took Slide and Stack baskets and organized the groupings, back under the cabinet:


Much better.  Maybe it was a "blessing in disguise" to get this area organized.  Or at least, as long as he doesn't come back I'll call it that!

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