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Q&A with Janine Sarna-Jones, CPO® – Professional Organizer

Janine Sarna-Jones, CPO® – New York, NY –

1) How long have you been a professional organizer?
11 years

2) What inspired you to become a CPO?
I believe it is an important credential which demonstrates to both clients and colleagues my deep commitment to my profession.

3) What is the most common organizing project you’re hired to do?
I do two kinds of organizing projects: one-on-one productivity coaching in home offices and moving & relocation. I enjoy helping individuals get more productive as well as managing complicated projects like a move.

4) What is the most common organizing challenge people have?
Paper. What to do with it, how long to keep it and where to put it.

5) If you had to pick ‘your’ biggest organizing challenge, what would it be?
My biggest organizing challenge is remembering to tune-up my own organizing systems. Organizing is a practice. Refining and tuning up is a part of the organizing process since life continually changes.

6) What one tip would you give to people who are trying to get organized?
Start with small goals, like one shelf or a drawer, and celebrate each small achievement. Re-visiting your small achievements provide motivation for each successive small goal.

7) How can potential clients get in touch with you?
Via phone at 212-842-8301 or via email at

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