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Clean out your Draw’s!

Working here at Rubbermaid, lots of people ask me what my favorite organization product is. My answers always vary slightly, depending on which product I'm currently using or enjoying. Today? I am TOTALLY in love with our mesh drawer organizers! As a chick, I have tons of makeup, lotions and potions to keep me looking my best. My bathroom vanity's drawers can get a little crazy! A few months ago, I got my hands on some of these puppies and re-organized these drawers. 
(Aren't they pretty?!) The organizers come in different sizes and have an interlocking feature to keep them in place. I configured a couple in each drawer, sorted them by use, and have been loving it ever since! Functional, keeping my stuff in order and SHINY 🙂 What girl doesn't like shiny?

However, if you DON'T like the metallic look, we have these! They are new and look pretty snazzy with their black with khaki insert. Find a color that compliments your digs and clean out those drawers! Its the gift that keeps on giving! (oh, and boys, don't feel left out, I organized Jon's side as well, and he's enjoying it too… probably not as much as me though!)

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