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Organize your Office Space

So, they say that an organized workspace is a more efficient workspace. Being a designer, I used to kind of revel in my chaos. Now, however, working mostly at a desk AND at Rubbermaid made me reevaluate the error of my ways. There are lots of other smarties out there that break down the steps to organizing something big and intimidating, like your desk or workspace. Here's one I liked though. Its broken down in these steps:
1. Clear off your desk and empty those drawers!
2. Sort through you office supplies. Recycle or give away what you have too many of, organized the what you actually NEED in drawer organizers, lending a bit of order to your stuffs!
3. Sort through your paper clutter. This one is the hardest for me… I seem to have SO MUCH paper! Invest in (or use one that you might already have) a good shredder. At work, they take care of all that stuff, but at home, I use mine all the time to cut down on paper waste. Here on this project, I ended up dumping a bunch of papers in the recycle bin. (less stuff to file 🙂
4. File old papers and records. This is your chance to update your filing system, reorganize the files that you don't use (put those puppies in the back), while ones you need to access all the time (in the front). Simple thing, but it really impacts your day. Once you have a good filing system, its way easier to keep up with it too. (another fun tip: some gals I know here color coordinate their filing! Green for bills, etc. Since its not just labeled, but colored, it makes it LOOK nicer, which can sometimes make you happier, which yields to keeping up with it better!)

Pretty simple stuff, but I got to go from this:
Desk-Before DeskDrawer-Before

To this:


(AND, if you're looking for help with a HOME office, check out Brian's post …its a good one!)

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One Response to Organize your Office Space

  1. Sherri Nordyke July 30, 2010 at 1:22 pm #

    I see you use some type of clip to hold items on your wall.
    I now have wall just like that in my office and I can’t find a way to attach pictures and papers.
    Can you share what kind of clips those are?

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