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Recovering with the help of Rubbermaid

My husband recently had shoulder surgery, and I quickly turned into Nurse Megan for the days following the procedure. I was making countless trips to the kitchen for refills of drinks, different snacks or to get his meds. We moved an extra coffee table to his good side so we could have his phone and remote within reach. I realized that I should take full advantage of this table, and use it to cut down my back-and-forth trips to the kitchen. (Not that it's THAT far to the kitchen…but this also made it more convenient for Eric to have things accessible.) Here is his "station" looked like.

IMG_2170_lores SNACKS: Instead of having chip-clipped-bags and boxes of snacks, I used Rubbermaid Lock-Its canisters to hold different snacks: chex mix, wheat thins and his favorite doritos. Having containers that have a secure seal was ideal because you never
know when one of our cats will knock something over. (You
can see Jill in the background of this photo.) I also had snacks in the cabinet already in our new modular canisters (love them!), so I brought those out, which held chex cereal and pretzels.

DRINKS: Because of the three different types of medication he was taking (which I also kept at the table to eliminate trips to fetch those), we were going through a lot of water and 7up. It was a little hard for Eric to tip his head back from the pain in his neck (from where they put in the nerve block) and shoulder. Even though I did keep his soda in the frozen mug, I used two Rubbermaid sip bottles for his water. I would refill both at one time so it would be longer in between refills, and I put koozies on them to keep them cold longer. (Sidenote about the mug: Eric is from Ohio and a huge Buckeye fan. We have two frozen mugs – one Michigan and one Ohio State – and it just worked out that I happen to take the pic when we had the Michigan one out. Classic!)

IMG_2177_lores MEDS: I used a white board for his meds schedule so I could keep them straight. (It's leaning up against the table in the bottom/right of this photo.) Each of the meds had a different time between doses (some 4 hours, some 6), and he couldn't take them all at once because it would make him sick. Each time he took anything, I wrote down the time, which med(s) he took, and how many of each. The white board worked wonders!

PATIENT: Eric gives his station (and Rubbermaid) a thumbs up! He feels a little better each day, and in six months hopefully his shoulder will be back to normal – and back to playing basketball (which is what he cares about!) 

About Megan G

I'm a easy-going, hard-working, sport-loving gal from Michigan who is proud of her midwestern roots. Graphic designer by trade and a sports fanatic by heart. My friends tell me, "Meg, you need to slow down!" but usually I don't listen :) Some of my favorite things include traveling, playing and coaching volleyball, going to sporting events, going to the beach, finding new ways to be creative, seeing new places, and helping people and the environment.

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2 Responses to Recovering with the help of Rubbermaid

  1. Megan G August 12, 2010 at 4:22 pm #

    Michelle, thank you for being so persistent to hunt down these canisters. They are truly one of my faves! I did some checking, and I have a list of stores that are carrying the modular canisters (although it is not every single store). They are mostly available in the food & drug and grocery store chains right now. For example, my friend in Alabama saw them at her grocery store, but I haven’t seen then at my grocery store yet. These are the stores that have some distribution: Rite Aid, CVS, Meijer, Publix Ahold, Fred Meyer, Albertson’s, and some Walmarts, but not all. Currently we have limited distribution, but hopefully it will be increasing with time. I would suggest calling the store first in case they can let you know if they have them to save you a trip. Good luck!

  2. Michelle July 26, 2010 at 11:08 pm #

    Megan, maybe you can help me. Those modular canisters? I really want some. But I can’t find them. I’ve checked Target and Walmart (in store and online). I tried the Buy Online link from the product page, but the only thing that came up was a website I’ve never heard of, and I really don’t want to order from an unknown. I searched on Amazon, but all the Rubbermaid products available are sold by somewhere called ProMax Commerce, and the product images they use are low-quality and pixelated, which makes me suspicious. I’ve searched online at Sears, Lowe’s, JC Penney, anywhere I could think of – nothing.
    Can you give me any advice on where to buy or order these things? Thanks!

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