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$300 Worth Of Coins – Yeah Roughneck Can Handle That

I love seeing our products in use! I'm that person who immediately walks into someone's house and starts looking for Rubbermaid products. Yes, it does drive my friend's crazy but they love me anyway 🙂

Sometimes consumers will send us a letter or photo about how great one of our products is and we love that. Sometimes we come across them on the internet and a link gets past around the office. I just received this link and HAD to share it.

The man in the video (as seen on WVEC News) carted in over $300 worth of coins to pay his taxes in…guess what…a Roughneck tote. Not only is this unique but it really shows how durable our Roughneck totes are. Think about how heavy all those coins are. I wonder if our engineering team will allow us to use the phrase: "Strong enough to hold 30,000 pennies"…I'll work on that one 🙂

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