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Get Hooked UP!

I love hooks A while back, I did a post about saving time in the morning, one of the comments mentioned using a hook on the back of her door… She uses it as a valet hook (the name and function of which, I just find fascinating) – staging her outfits on it, to help her get fabulously and quickly dressed in the morning. Smart, right?

So that got me thinking : Hooks! They're a simple, effective way to get stuff off the floor or even create a place for something to go. They're functional, and they can pretty much go anywhere. I love 3M's new hooks! I needed a place for my purse (instead of leaving it piled on a chair near our back door) to hang when I came home everyday. Our wall space is tight, so I decided to throw one of these babies on the side of our bookshelves.  Voila! Instant organization, and now I have a place to put my purse everyday when I get home.
One of our other problems with our most used entrance to our house is jackets/scarves/etc. There was no real place to put them (besides that chair by the back door). Our coat closet is near the front door, so it seems like a trek to put it away. Again, we didn't have much wall space, but we found a cool coat rack and decided to hang it vertically. It gave us a place to hang our coats (til they could make it into the coat closet), didn't take up much space, and works perfectly for our needs.

So buy some hooks, stick or screw them into place, and get to solving your own organization problems and making a place for everything (so eventually, everything will be in its place!). 

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One Response to Get Hooked UP!

  1. Liz Jenkins August 2, 2010 at 11:18 am #

    I use a set of hooks (a vintage wrought iron coat hook setup with 4 hooks) in my daughters room near her door. It is at about waist level so she can reach it. This is where she hangs her school backpack, her coat for the day, and anything she needs to take to school with her. It’s her “out the door” station we set up the night before so when she leaves for school in the morning – everything is there.

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