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What NOT to Recycle

272799591_9c4c7643c0 I never knew how much of a problem it would be if I put the wrong thing in my recycling bin.  I always figured, "hey, I'll test it out.  If the recycling guys pick it up, then I can recycle it.  If they don't take it, then I'll know for next time."  Well…I guess that's the wrong approach.  Check out this article from Earth911.  It gives great suggestions for what you shouldn't be putting in your recycling bin.  Thought I'd pass this one along!

Earth 911 – What NOT to Put in the Bin

This photo was taken by Scott Ableman

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One Response to What NOT to Recycle

  1. Siobain Flynn March 2, 2011 at 9:05 pm #

    For large items that you cannot recycle at a station should be put up on and they will be picked up by someone who wants it!!!
    coordinator for

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