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A Dysfunctional Closet Gets A Makeover

This guest post is written by Leigh Boone, a brand manager here at Rubbermaid. Enjoy and show her lots of comment love 🙂

I’ve been a renter my whole life. Therefore I have always suffered from less than desirable closet organization! Luckily when I moved into my new apartment, the management said I could install new closet shelving. I wanted to maximize the current space since I had to leave two storage boxes full of clothes stored away when I moved in due to the hanging space in the closet. I also use my master closet as a storage space for many other things besides clothing such as suitcases and sports gear.

            Left Side of the Closet                                     Right Side of the Closet
Closet 001 Closet 003

The plan was to makeover the right side of my closet and switch my dresser to the other side. I also wanted to get rid of the hanging sweater organizer which always seemed to hide my sweaters and bring my jeans down off the top shelf (I wear these the most!). The Rubbermaid HomeFree series™ closet kit was what I needed to turn my messy closet into a real dressing room.

The hardest part of re-doing my closet was taking EVERYTHING out! Once I had a clean slate I followed the directions on the Rubbermaid HomeFree series™ closet kit and began tracing the holes for the hang rail, tapped the drywall anchors and started drilling in the hang rail. Once that was in its very easy to install the uprights! The first upright is installed 6” from the wall, but don’t worry, a handy spacer comes in the kit!

Closet 009

Next I began drilling in my uprights. You can use the rail covers to help space and level the uprights or you can be a nerd like me and use a magnetic level (I love cool tools!).

Closet 010

Once I had all the uprights secured I started snapping in the brackets and adding adjustable shelving (no cutting needed!). I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted my closet to look like so it only took me about 15 minutes to snap in all the brackets and shelving with some minor adjustments in the heights of the shelving.  The brackets click in and out easily to the uprights and the adjustable rods allowed me to pick the length of hanging space I needed. The rod support hooks clip into the bottom of any of the brackets which makes customization so easy!!! I mean really easy!


Here’s the result! I probably gained about 30% more usable space on this wall. I was (finally) able to take all of my clothes out of boxes and easily access my sweaters, pants and jeans! I moved my winter sweaters into Rubbermaid Fabric Sweater Boxes seen above the shelving. I also used Rubbermaid Clever Store clear containers to store additional winter items and bathing suits.


Installing the Rubbermaid HomeFree series™ took about 45 minutes as a one-woman show.  The whole process of clearing out my closet, installation and putting it all back in took about 2 ½ hours since I store everything from clothing to suitcases to my snowboarding gear in this closet (got to love living in a one bedroom apartment!)

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One Response to A Dysfunctional Closet Gets A Makeover

  1. Janel C September 20, 2010 at 12:22 pm #

    Nice closet redo! I love the rows of shelfs and then the lower hanging area – we did that in our closet to and it makes so much more room then just one long hanging rod! looks great!

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