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Junk in the Trunk – A Car Makeover

Have you ever been driving and hear a "ker-plunk" when taking a turn or hitting the brakes?   Do you think - Is that my car? OR  Did I just run over something?

This happens to me a lot.  It takes me a moment to realize that, no, its somthing from my trunk taking a dive into the side of my car that has made that noise.

One night this week, I decided to take on the challenge of laying out my trunk better.   So, here is a photo of the before:


What was in there?   Empty canvas grocery bags, spinning shoes, books, first aid kit, can of unidentified motor gas stuff, rainX, flashlight, car scraper, cleaning tool, trash/papers and my yoga mat.  

As I have learned with spaces within the house, the first step is removing everything and then sort them into logical groups.  Here is what it looked like:


Next, I threw away all the trash, separated the books in a bag for the used book store drop-off and put it in the front of my car so I'd remember.   Additionally, I removed the piece of wood molding that had been riding in my car for 6 months out.  

Then,  I then sorted the items I wanted to keep in the trunk into two piles:  1) need to access often and 2) need to have, but don't need to access often.

The second pile went into a pink reusable grocery bag.   I put all my emergency and cleaning supplies in that with my reusable grocery bags on top.    Inspired by a post on Lorie Marrero's site, I used velcro to affix the bag to the side of the car so the items didn't fall out and tumble. 

The #1 items went loose in the trunk, arranged neatly.

Trunk3 Trunk4 
Remarkably, it has stayed put and makes for a more peaceful drive.   What a difference!

Would love to hear how do you stay organized on the go!

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One Response to Junk in the Trunk – A Car Makeover

  1. Rachel B. September 21, 2010 at 8:14 pm #

    I do this as well. I keep just a few things I need for the car in the trunk. The velcro idea is a good one!

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