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The Purse Purge

Usually my need to organize comes about based on a "trigger point".   Sometimes it is that I can't find something I need, or maybe it is that I have company coming over and I want to get everything back in place.

A recent trigger was searching through my purse and realizing I was carrying WAY too much around.  I couldn't even find my work badge one day.   I realized things had accumulated TOO much and I had turned my purse more into a junk pile.

I decided to follow the same tactics I would for organizing a room, a closet or a junk drawer.

1st, I dumped the purse out so I could see all its contents:


2nd, I tried to sort the things I needed into piles and then I either threw away what I didn't need, or put it in the place it belonged.  There was only a tiny pile of what needed to keep in the purse on a daily basis.   Furthermore, the items on the right, I decide to separate by putting in the tiny pocket in my purse rather than the main compartment.


Overall, it is much more relaxing to search for something I need it my purse. 

Do you have the same purse issues?  How do you dedicate time to organizing it or cleaning it on a routine basis?

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