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Holiday Gifting with Food Storage!

After receiving a gift last year in a food storage container, I made a note that I wanted to do that this holiday – and for other holidays like birthdays and baby showers. The food storage container becomes part of the gift (bonus!) – and you don't end up with all of those boxes that get stored in a closet or under a bed – or they get trashed or put in the recycling bin. Below are some items that fit into our Premier containers – which are nice for gifting with their textured pattern on the base and red lids!

Here are a couple of small items – buttons (from Not Made in China) and lip gloss.

IMG_5112 IMG_5118









When I got my gift there was colored tissue paper inside around the actual gift, which looked nice. Then you almost don't even need wrapping paper – less waste! YES! I will admit that I was lazy and skipped that step. Here are some items in the 5-cup Premier…

Baggu reuseable bags (which I love and use all the time, so I'm giving them to everyone for Christmas), and then I even fit [squashed] two tank tops into one of them! 

IMG_5113 IMG_5120










I also used this idea this year to send gifts to family and friends who were celebrating fun events. I had to ship the items, but I packed goodies inside some of of our other products.

Do you have any other containers that you use instead of boxes? 

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2 Responses to Holiday Gifting with Food Storage!

  1. Megan G December 22, 2010 at 2:31 pm #

    I hope you’re right Ellen! Since this will be my first go at it this Christmas, if it goes over well, then I’m going to do it for birthdays and baby showers too. No more storing old boxes – no matter how good of shape they are in! Hooray for that!

  2. Ellen Delap December 22, 2010 at 2:24 pm #

    Great idea! It is fun and functional! I know the receiver will smile about the wrap and the gift.

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