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Facebook Photo Contest Day 8

I am happy to announce that Jennifer is the winner of the Organizing Bonanza Day 8 FaceBook Photo Contest. She uploaded a photo of her son'e unorganized closet! Professional Organizer Helene Segura was the judge and she gladly shared some advice on how Jennifer (and you!) can organize that messy closet!

Here is Jennifer's photo:

Day 8 Jennifer

Here is the advice Helene gave:

"With a little bit of elbow grease, your closet can be whipped into shape!

First, you'll want to recycle any empty boxes that are in the pile.  Next, pull out for donation any items that you haven't seen or used in the past year.  If you have any non-clothing or non-child items, you might consider relocating them to another area of your house.

What you have left will determine the configuration you'll need to use for the new Home Free Closet Kit that you just won.  Categorize your remaining items: hanging clothes, diapers, toys, baby supplies, and so on.

The clothing rods should be placed at the reach height of the user.  The storage shelves should be placed far enough apart so that items are easy to grab and return, but not so far apart that you don't utilize your vertical space.  Extra shelves and slide-out baskets can help you break up that vertical space.

If you have any categories that contain small items (socks, toys, etc), you can use Clever Store Clear containers to corral those items on the shelves. "

Thanks Helene for this great advice and good luck organizing Jennifer!

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